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2022 UP English Camp

Approximately 140 students from 12 different countries participated in the 2022 UP English Camp.

Most of the students who participated in the camp were from Turkey, Russia, Ukraine. The other participants were from Austria, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Romania. Approximately 40% of all students were Turkish and the 60% of them were from different nationalities.

Throughout the camp program, our organization team, consisting of many people from the UK to Japan, has been a role model for the students thanks to their support, training and individual expertise. Multiculturalism contributed to creating synergy in the camp.

During the time in the camp, students who improved their language skills significantly thanks to the quality education with international standards overcame their prejudice with the contribution of hands-on workshops and speaking clubs and they improved their self-esteem. We differentiated our camp compared to the camps that use traditional methods by using music, dance, sport, creative drama and art. We emphasized fun without compromising our value judgments. So, we are an organization that supports not only linguistic development but also cognitive, social, emotional, moral development.

At the end of UP English Camp which took place in 2022 in Turkey, we reached a recommendation rate of %98. For the camp gallery click here, for the video gallery of student and parent testimonials click here.

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