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2023 UP Türkiye Camps

UP English Camps will take place in Uludağ, which is the most preferred winter sports region in Türkiye’s winter tourism, between July 16 and August 12 with the participation of students aged between 9 and 17.

In the camp program, according to the results of the placement test, our students are in classes suitable for their language level and they are participated in activities and workshops for 2 different age groups as 9-13 and 14-17, in addition to receiving 20 lessons per week with our native English teachers. Therefore, the theoretical knowledge learned in the lessons can be put into practice in daily life, and prejudice or insecurity against English, if any, is resolved.

Long-lasting friendships are established in the multinational camp environment, where there are students from different countries and the common language of English is dominant in the whole camp, and this whole process provides our students in the learning and developmental period with different gains as well as language development.

You can click here to register for our program, which will take place in an isolated environment in our camping area in Uludağ, under appropriate conditions within the framework of the Covid-19 precautions, or to learn the price information. We also recommend that you review our content titled Why UP?, About Us, and Expert Opinions. Please contact us for all your questions that you cannot find the answer on our site and for more detailed information requests.

English Language Trainings

In UP English Camps, we can say that our fundamental aim is to improve students’ English practical skills and to break their prejudices against the language or language learning throughout the camp process. We can make this possible by creating an isolated camp environment where all speaks English and the students are exposed to thinking and speaking in English.

On the way to achieving our goal, our practices are not about presenting the language development with a heavy and intensive curriculum, but about making students gain language development with fun and motivating methods by planting the awareness in students that English is a necessity of modern life.

Please click here and view our related content for more detailed information on this subject.

Activities and Workshops

The most important difference that distinguishes UP English Camps from a language school is the social activity and workshop programs. Due to the fact that the camp program is organized in an isolated environment and with accommodation, we have the opportunity to make our whole day planning, focused on the development of our students, and our entire program has been planned within the framework of this goal. Thus, students have the opportunity to reinforce the theoretical knowledge they have acquired in the lessons by putting them into practice and experiencing them in the activities and workshops organized for the rest of the day.

The activities and workshops are designed in accordance with the interests and awareness levels of the students. Also, they are presented in accordance with their age groups, with non-formal learning methods that will motivate them and ensure their participation. In this process, our camp leaders and coordinators are role models in the extracurricular activities and our teachers help our students achieve targeted gains by accompanying and guiding them in the in-class workshops.

Accommodation and Food Services

UP English Camps are organized at the high standards set by the luxury segment hotel we have contracted with in Bursa, Uludağ. Accommodation and food services are also included in the services of our contracted hotel.

Accommodation of our students is provided under 24/7 supervision, accompanied by our camp leaders and coordinators. Our camp leaders and coordinators stay on the same floor with our students aged 14-17, and in the same room with our students aged 9-13. Our hotel rooms are for 2 or 3 people, and each room has a private bathroom and toilet. Comfortable single beds are preferred, not bunk beds, and high standards that meet all kinds of needs are offered to our students.

The nutrition program is prepared using daily, seasonal and fresh ingredients in the form of alternative menus (such as vegetables, red meat or white meat) exclusively for our students, in accordance with the guidance of our nutritionists we get service from. It is served as 3 main meals and 2 snacks as standard. In addition, we can offer options suitable for the nutritional sensitivities of our students who are allergic to gluten, follow a diet program or prefer a vegetarian diet.

We pay attention to ensure that the nutrition program encourages healthy eating. For example, instead of harmful and carbonated drinks containing sugar; it is encouraged to consume probiotic foods such as kombucha or kefir, but no restrictions are applied to our students in such matters.

Transportation and Communication

The city of Bursa, where Uludağ, where the camp will be held, is located, is approximately 2.5 hours away from Istanbul by car. Transfer services are offered from 2 different airports in Istanbul (Istanbul Airport and Sabiha Gokcen Airport) for students attending to our camp from abroad. Airport transfer is not included in the program price packet. For detailed information, please review the price list.

During the camp, the communication process is provided under the control of our coordinators in order not to disturb the motivation of the students and not to disrupt their adaptations. We do not restrict communication by collecting personal phones or tablets from our students, but we lead them to use these communication tools appropriately and correctly for camp programs. During lessons and activities, there may be short-term use restrictions if it is necessary.

There is time periods assigned for this process in our camp program for our students to communicate with their families. Moreover, our coordinator and management team regularly communicate with our families and share bulletins every other day. In these bulletins, the program details of that day, the previous day and the next day are summarized and the necessary information is provided. During the camp, our parents can reach our coordinator and management team 24/7.

Health and Security

As a matter of course, health and safety issues are top priority for us. As our students are under the age of 18, we take the responsibilities of all our students during the organization, so the necessary precautions and preliminary preparations are planned to the smallest detail and implemented in this regard.

Within Uludağ National Parks, there is a health facility right next to our hotel and there are 24/7 health personnel in this facility. In addition, all of our management team and coordinators have emergency aid training, but we find it more appropriate to get support from specialist health personnel in case of a possible health problem.

Before the beginning of the program, each of our students’ health forms, which include details about their health status, are received from their families and all preparations are made accordingly. Emergency action plans are prepared in coordination with the health facility and its personnel in Uludağ, and in case of a possible transfer to a hospital, a full-fledged private hospital in Bursa is contacted. All of our students are insured with health insurance within the scope of our responsibility, which covers both transportation and the entire process of the organization. Policy details and all other relevant information within the insurance are shared with the families of our students before the beginning of the program.

As part of our security measures, our students are not able to act independently of the organization or leave the campsite/hotel during the camp period. There is 24/7 supervision and control throughout the entire program.

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