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Why UP?

Up English Camps are language development-oriented organizations attended by students from different countries.

English education, which is at the base of the camps, differs positively in terms of being integrated into social life with traditional education methodologies, being dynamic and based on interaction. It is also observed that students who experience this process gain different learning outcomes, especially self-confidence.

Up English Camps are designed to cover every detail that students will need. With the all-inclusive concept, it is aimed that students achieve the highest efficiency with the social environment, activities, and communication language and course materials suitable for their age group.

  • International student participation, accredited education program
  • Experienced and professional management team
  • Certified teachers and qualified leaders
  • A safe, supervised and learning-supporting experience
  • A dynamic approach that keeps students motivated
  • Learning through music, drama and communication activities
  • Age-appropriate and attractive process designs
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