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Feyza Yıldırım Turan

Psychological Counsellor and Family Counsellor

Knowing a foreign language and using it effectively is not only a linguistic accumulation, but also a behaviour. Therefore, each learnt language makes new contributions to the attitudes and behaviours of the individual and develops him/her.

Considering the fact that the acquisitions acquired during childhood will also have an effect in the later stages of their lives, we see that learning a second language contributes greatly to the cognitive development of the child in many ways.

Kübra Nur Şengül

Family Counsellor & Social Care Specialist

Childhood and adolescence are the most critical and important periods in the development of individuals. Because no matter how this period is completed, the effect of this period will continue when the individual becomes an adult.

Group experiences in which children and adolescents will interact with their peers during such an important period for their development will be a very satisfying and rich opportunity for their development.

Fulya Alıntaşı

Psychological Counsellor & Guidance Counsellor

The content of Up English Camp has been carefully planned and will make many important contributions to our children in terms of development. First of all, this camp activity will help our children take their first steps towards individualization by being in an environment independent of their families.

Thanks to the activities carried out in the camp program in which there are different age ranges, they will be able to acquire behaviours that will shape their future, such as communication, empathy and personal boundaries.

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