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Childhood and adolescence are the most critical and important periods in the development of individuals. Because no matter how this period is completed, the effect of this period will continue when the individual becomes an adult.

Group experiences in which children and adolescents will interact with their peers during such an important period for their development will be a very satisfying and rich opportunity for their development.

Summer camps; it offers a wide range of development richness in terms of cognitive, personal, social, emotional and moral development. Children will be able to be motivated, learn dynamics within the group, and acquire social communication skills. Considering all these and the training I have received, I can say that; when individuals in childhood and adolescence experience summer camp at such a critical life stage, they will feel its positive effects for life.

Language development improves thinking. The more thinking develops, the more individuals gain the ability to express themselves better. As they express themselves better, their self-confidence develops, they know themselves and they realize themselves. All these are much more permanent and functional when children are in the environment where their peers are present. These social interactions with their peers and trainers throughout the camp play a major role in the development of their personalities.

As a family counsellor and social care specialist, I recommend that children and adolescents definitely experience this camp and experience the feeling of change and transformation as they feel the positive differences of the camp.

Kübra Nur Şengül

Family Counsellor & Social Care Specialist
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