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Director’s Message

We created the UP brand by taking strength from the satisfaction and success of thousands of students we have been providing consultancy services to in the international education sector since 2010, and we held our first camp in Türkiye in the summer of 2022.

You can click here for detailed information about the 2022 UP English Camp, attended by approximately 140 students from 12 different countries.

On behalf of myself and my team, I proudly bear the responsibility of contributing to the rise of Türkiye as a destination to the top in the international education sector and being a leading brand in its field.

We will continue to grow in 2023, when we anticipate that the effects of the pandemic, which has cast a shadow over the growth in our industry for the last 3 years, will disappear completely. We continue our efforts so that many more students attend our camps and have this experience, and we try to provide every contribution and support we can for our students in this important step they take for their future.

In 2023, we will meet hundreds of students from different countries of the world in our Türkiye, Malta and Dubai camps, and we will continue to touch the lives of our students.

“I would like to thank all of our students who will participate in our camps, their parents and our valued business partners.”

Kubilay GülerDirector
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