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The most important difference between UP English Camp and language courses is the social activity programs.

Because our camp program takes place in an isolated place and includes accommodation, we have the opportunity to spend every moment productively, which means focusing on improving our students and preparing our daily programs considering this aim. Accordingly, students have the opportunity to practice the theoretical knowledge they learned during classes when they participate in the activities after classes. During activities, speaking English is mandatory as it is also mandatory to speak English during the time students spend in the camp.

All activities are designed to adapt to the interests and intellectual levels of the students, and they are presented in a way that motivates the students and encourages them to participate by using general teaching methods. In this process, our role model camp leaders and coordinators accompany our students, and they help the students achieve their attainment targets.

Activities can be categorized into two different categories: daytime and evening activities. Daytime activities mostly prioritize educational and personal development, whereas evening activities mostly focus on having fun and socializing with friends. Daytime activities are planned according to the class schedules of the students. For example, when a group of students attends classes, the other group participates in activities. In the afternoon, the group of students switches places which means the group of students that attended classes in the morning participates in activities, and the group of students that participated in activities in the morning attends the classes.

For each activity, there are different target learning outcomes. Also, each activity supports language development significantly. The activities are planned according to the students’ motivation and physical or mental exhaustion, class topics that have been covered before, the other activities, weather conditions, the accommodation facilities’ opportunities and the camp’s general atmosphere.

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