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The content of Up English Camp has been carefully planned and will make many important contributions to our children in terms of development. First of all, this camp activity will help our children take their first steps towards individualization by being in an environment independent of their families.

Thanks to the activities carried out in the camp program in which there are different age ranges, they will be able to acquire behaviours that will shape their future, such as communication, empathy and personal boundaries.

In the view of all this, we will be providing our future generations with self-confident, rationalist individuals who make their own decisions. In addition, learning a new language gives the required support to both cognitive and social development of our children. In order for language development to be carried out in the most efficient way, there must be an environment that will allow the language to be learnt, to be heard correctly and used frequently. The fact that English will be spoken during the camp will not only provide these two conditions to our children, but will also positively affect language orientation as it will stimulate the instinct of self-expression in children.

I recommend Up English Camp to families who want to lead their children towards the future with firm steps.

Fulya Alıntaşı

Psychological Counsellor & Guidance Counsellor
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